The „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ in collaboration with the "Alpine Foundation for Life Sciences - AFLS" has set itself the task to elaborate and offer a networked program for the screening of indigenous plants primarily of the southern alpine regions, their production and the education and training in phytopharmacology and phytotherapy on a national and international level.

The emphasis is on the scientific research of medicinal plants, taking into account the holistic and empirical knowledge and the centuries-old knowledge. A cooperation with qualified societies of natural science, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine and a national and international cooperation of specialists and institutions is aimed at.

The „Foederation Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ is at the disposal of other research institutes and their specialized publications at any time. It represents and stands for a qualified, collegial and respectful cooperation.

We are looking forward to your cooperation.

Interesting research articles and reviews:

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