Solidarity Fund LeD - FPTH

On September 22, 2010, the foundation stone of the „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ was laid by the charitable donation of the founding president of the “Solidarity Fund LeD - FPTH” according to Art. 80 ff ZGB.

The aims, purposes and tasks of the “Solidarity Fund LeD - FPTH” concern a direct and uncomplicated assistance, in the form of an interest-free loan, to members of the professional associations and organizations affiliated to the Solidarity Fund LeD who are in need.

In principle, all professional associations or organizations of holistic, complementary, integrative and alternative medicine can join the „Solidarity Fund LeD - FPTH“. Likewise, the „Solidarity Fund LeD - FPTH“ is also open to other humanitarian projects and organizations, with the same authorizations and conditions.

The permissions and conditions are described in this document. Solidarity Fund LeD - I. Revison 22.09.2012.

We are looking forward to your financial, generous support or if you need our assistance, we are very happy to be there for you at any time. Thank you very much.