Under the name „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“, an association in the sense of Art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code - ZGB is constituted for an indefinite period.

The „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ is independent of political parties and denominationally neutral.

The „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ pursues a targeted, collegial, autonomous leadership function with clear, feasible and respect-oriented principles. The highest goal remains the respectful, human-, animal-, plant-, environment- and being-friendly handling.

The „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ pursues the interests and concerns of phytotherapy in a broader sense, both in school, holistic, complementary, integrative and alternative medicine, as well as in scientific research, as well as incorporating the scientific, holistic and empirical findings through centuries and millennia of experience. It can join other organizations and associations, as far as this is conducive to the purpose of the association.

A comprehensive knowledge, an interdisciplinary cooperation, a highly qualified and specific education and training, the realization of the interplay of roles between therapy and the market of established and potential medicinal and healing plants and the awareness of the great responsibility towards the patient, require highly qualified, empathetic actors in the field. Through a qualified and quality-assured use of herbal medicines or phytopharmaceuticals, this can also lead to a decrease in pharmaco-, therapeutic polypragmasias and thus also to an active reduction and decrease of health and disease costs on a national and international level.

The masculine form used in all present documents and statements of the „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH“ applies of course to both sexes. We ask the reader not to interpret this as discrimination but as a simplification for text processing. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.


The organs of the „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetia – FPTH“ are:

  • The General Assembly

  • The Board

  • The office and/or secretariat

  • The auditing or auditor's office

  • The commissions