The doctor bandages your wounds, but nature will heal you

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Welcome to FPTH

Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica
The „Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica“ – abbreviated FPTH - was founded in 2006, after the canton of Ticino had realized its first course to become a "certified phytotherapist" with a cantonal professional practice license in a pilot project. 

This knowledge, the valuable collaboration, the political connections and the humanly valuable contacts became the cornerstone of the FPTH. The "Swiss Federation for Phytotherapy" thus sets itself the task of building solid bridges between alternative, complementary, integrative, holistic and orthodox medicine, as well as bridges between empiricism, teaching, science and research, the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers and producers of herbal medicines and, last but not least, politics and legislation. The FPTH sees itself as a link between various and/or differently interested people, organizations, committees, companies and legislators who are committed to the dissemination of phytotherapy, the protection of flora, fauna and medicinal plants, teaching, science, research and the sustainability of medicinal diversity.

Switzerland is very fortunate to have a very old tradition of medicinal diversity and the precious gift of a wonderful, rich and magnificent fauna and flora. Likewise, our country is in one of the most important places in the world with a pioneering spirit of pharmacy and its research.  Today, more than ever, phytopharmacy requires a renaissance, the demand and the desire on the part of the population and the patients are great. The effectiveness of herbal medicines as a mixture of many substances is as undisputed as the essential difference from mono- and active substances of conventional pharmacology. The phytopharmaceutical with its multi-substance character has an important and irreplaceable function both as a sole drug and as a starting substance for further drug preparations such as the herbal homeopathics.

In order to meet this variety of challenges, FPTH demands the same basic and in-depth knowledge on an empirical, holistic, spiritual and natural scientific level for the physician, pharmacist, druggist as well as the naturopath.  For 5,000 years of human history, we have had access to a holistic and empirical knowledge, but today we know that a good 80% of all medicinal and medicinal plants remain unexplored. The support and promotion of research is therefore just as essential today as the seriousness, knowledge and efficiency of a human, humane and animal-friendly medicine, as well as the preservation of the diversity of medicines, the respectful treatment of medicinal plants and also the protection of the worldwide flora and fauna, as one of our most valuable natural treasures of all. All this in the sense and appreciation, as well as in respect and love for all of us, in primis for our patients, as well as for all future generations of humans, animals, plants and other living beings. 

Thank you for your visit, your interest and your support.