Courses and congresses

The “Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica – FPTH” promotes, supports, processes and publishes not only its own events and/or education and training courses, but also events of other professional associations, organizations, educational providers, teaching or research institutes, entirely in the spirit of community, cooperation and partnership.

The goal remains focused on professional, serious, highly qualified and comprehensive education and training in the field of phytotherapy, phytomedicine, phytopharmacology, botany, ethnomedicine and more, always from the perspective and with the view of an empirical, holistic and scientifically comprehensive knowledge, by highly qualified professors, lecturers and speakers.

We are happy to support you as an organizer and to accompany you as an interested person to and in new and/or old knowledge. 

We look forward to your cooperation and interest.


There are no events planned at this time.