On 17.05.2009 the Swiss people voted with 67% clearly in favor of the new constitutional article 118a "Complementary Medicine".

The core demands of the federal referendum "Yes, to complementary medicine" are as follows:

  • Promotion of integrative medicine of conventional and complementary medicine

  • Inclusion of medical directions of complementary medicine in the basic insurance and in the other social insurances

  • Promotion of teaching and research

  • Creation of national diplomas and cantonal professional licenses for non-physician therapists

  • Ensuring the diversity of remedies

The "Foederatio Phytotherapica Helvetica - FPTH" is committed to the interests and consideration of complementary and alternative medicine in the Swiss health care system. With the aim of promoting and supporting the implementation of the core requirements associated with Article 118a "Complementary Medicine" of the Federal Constitution.


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